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August 2023 $100 Challenge account review

August was a horrible month for our Challenge account. We lost a significant net-liq value due to the correction. One part of the losing strike this month was due to REIT stocks which we are accumulating in our portfolio, namely MPW, and these stocks were hammered this year (not just the MPW but almost all REITs are getting slammed). That actually makes them a good opportunity to invest in them. When people are dumping these stocks (usually due to their short-sight), it is always a good opportunity.

Our goal is to not only grow the account but also generate income from dividends and monetizing our positions by selling options around those positions. And we are again on track with this goal and strategy.

It takes patience and stick to the strategy. The markets will not be always favorable to us. Nor FED being always friendly with zero rates policy. One must adjust investing and trading to be inline with the market, but one must not stop investing or you would miss the best time in the market.


Accumulation phase

The account is still underperforming our goal but the spread between the goal and current value started narrowing fast. We are still investing in stocks of our interest and building equity positions. We also started selling put spreads against indexes to generate income.


August 2023 Challenge account review


April 2022: $1,233.00 $350.56
May 2022: $1,336.00 $428.82
June 2022: $1,439.00 $459.70
July 2022: $1,542.00 $641.27
August 2022: $1,645.00 $653.32
September 2022: $1,748.00 $617.92
October 2022: $1,851.00 $829.46
November 2022: $1,954.00 $1,003.01
December 2022: $2,057.00 $1,152.65
January 2023: $2,160.00 $1,221.22
February 2023: $2,263.00 $1,286.04
March 2023: $2,366.00 $1,392.45
April 2023: $2,469.00 $1,461.53
May 2023: $2,572.00 $1,779.13
June 2023: $2,675.00 1,729.60
July 2023: $2,778.00 $2,159.90
August 2023: $2,881.00 $1,576.40


$100 Challenge account review

From the chart above, the red dot (line) indicates the current account value, compared to the blue line (plan). Our account is underperforming our goal. We will keep buying assets and monetize them once we accumulate enough shares.

August 2023 Overall Challenge account review

The chart below indicates our account value compared to the overall goal and plans to grow the $100 investment into a $75,000 portfolio. As of today, we are still at the beginning of our journey.

Year 0: $100.00 $100.00 $100.00
Year 1: $1,300.00 $1,336.00 $459.70
Year 2: $2,500.00 $3,016.96 $1,779.13
Year 3: $3,700.00 $5,303.07 $1,576.40
Year 4: $4,900.00 $8,412.17  
Year 5: $6,100.00 $12,640.55  
Year 6: $7,300.00 $18,391.15  
Year 7: $8,500.00 $26,211.96  
Year 8: $9,700.00 $36,848.27  
Year 9: $10,900.00 $51,313.64  
Year 10: $12,100.00 $70,986.56  


$100 Challenge account review goal


August 2023 Challenge account Income


Total Invested in Stocks $2,053.33
Stocks Unrealized Profit -$66.28
Stocks Realized Profit -$57.18
Strangles Income -$1,316.00
Spreads Income $207.97
Dividends Income $82.07
Deposits Total (lifetime) $2,800.00
Cash $62.57
Net-Liq $1,576.40


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