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Posted by Martin September 06, 2023

Technical view: Aflac Incorporated (AFL)

  AFL is in stage #2. The stock performed very well during the bear market. We had a decline but it recovered very nice and it wasn’t as deep as what we saw in 2020. Today, the stock is also pulling back from a strong rally which may provide a good opportunity.    

Posted by Martin September 04, 2023

Septembear or Septembull?

Will we see a Septembear or Septembull from now on? August correction is over. I know it is a bold statement, and you may find many people out there who would oppose and disagree with me. CNBC keeps pulling bears from the past who got stuck in the past, and they keep predicting a bear Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 03, 2023

August 2023 Investing and Trading Report

Another month, August 2023 is over. And it was a difficult month for our investing and trading. I expected it to be difficult because the markets rallied too fast and too hard in the previous few months. And if you are subscribed to our newsletter, I wrote in it that I wanted a deeper pullback. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 29, 2023

Technical view: NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

  NVDA is in stage #2. The stock rallied very hard and there is a lot of controversy about this stock and the company it represents. We have a strong cult built around the stock. People would die defending it and they buy no matter what. And these people were awarded sticking to their guns Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 16, 2023

Technical view: Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. (ABR)

  ABR is in stage #2. This is one of the better mREITs out there. I have invested in a few of them in the past and got burned in all of them. I invested in AGNC or ARR. A friend of mine invested in NLY. All three failed. AGNC looked promising but after a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 09, 2023

Will 4500 SPX level hold today?

Yesterday, the selloff continued but in the afternoon we rallied and erased most of the losses in an attempt to retake the 4500 of SPX level. Will this level hold today? Or was this a bottom of the dip? Or is something worse brewing under the hood? Today we may see the 4500 SPX level Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 08, 2023

Markets being weak

The markets continue being weak for today. All indicators are pointing to more weakness and yesterday’s rally was just a bounce attempt. It seems that more bearishness will be on Wall Street with more and more bears (and media) coming out with all sorts of doom predictions. The most prevalent prediction out there is that Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 03, 2023

Technical view: AES Corp, Inc. (AES)

  AES is in stage #2. But it is a weak uptrend, though. Over a longer period of time, the stock is more in stage #3 than #2. Since 2018 it saw a volatile move up, then crash in 2020, sharp recovery and now a zig-zag trading. It makes sense to wait for the bottoms Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 02, 2023

Another kneejerk reaction

So Fitch downgraded the US creditworthiness and everyone is freaking. Washington is furious and spitting anger all around. Biden and Yellen are commenting that this is outdated, politically motivated, and the US avoided default months ago. And stock market is selling like crazy in another kneejerk reaction. Not that I am getting anxious about the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 01, 2023

Technical view: Alphabet, Inc. (GOOGL)

Alphabet (GOOGL) The stock of this giant is constantly undervalued. The company outgrowths the market every quarter, and now it is set to “turn on” its Gemini AI project. Be aware of the Terminator coming. Many investors and analysts underestimated Google being late into the AI game after its initial failure with its chatbot. They Continue reading →