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Posted by MartZee October 19, 2010

5 Dividend Paying Stocks Experiencing Growth

Dividend yields will often fall in low interest rate environments (usually due to a slow economy) and bull markets (stock returns tend to outpace dividends.) When you combine those two factors over the last 18 months the average dividend yield available in the S&P 500 has only been lower during the stock bubble of 2000-2001. Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 16, 2010

Dividends for Lifetime

McDonald’s (MCD) became a dividend play for a lifetime a few months ago highlighted by Jim Royal in his regular posts at Motley Fool. He is back today to recommend another dividend play for a lifetime. The company is Microsoft (MSFT). Microsoft has been an exceptional dividend star over the past few years. It has Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 11, 2010

Holding period for dividend stocks

One of the most common issues that dividend investors face is the holding period for their dividend stocks. It seems that dividend investors are divided in two camps on the issue. One of the camps believes in active allocation of capital, where positions are continually adjusted depending on company performance, market performance or relative portfolio Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 11, 2010

Dividend Investing Myths

Many investors ignore dividend investing, because they associate them with boring unexciting investments which are destined to fall into oblivion. Some investors believe that rather than wait for a whole year to collect a 3%-4% dividend, you could make 3-4 % per day in the market trading volatile technology stocks. The fact of the matter Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 11, 2010

5 Most Undervalued Stocks in the S&P 500

Dividend-paying stocks are appealing because they have a track record of beating the broader stock market. Focusing on the most undervalued names of the S&P’s so-called dividend aristocrats means investing in the most undervalued companies. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by MartZee October 04, 2010

Portfolio monthly review – September 2010

Monthly review of my Trading account, Roth IRA account and Lending Club account

Posted by MartZee September 13, 2010

BDT added to portfolio

I need to rebuild this portfolio, accumulate some funds and start investing into more save securities to stop losing money here. Therefore I decided to change my strategy a bit and use dividend investing the same way as I do in my ROTH IRA account to accumulate. One of the investment I had in my Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee September 13, 2010

The market is trending up again, will it sustain?

It seems like investors are finally realizing that nothing goes down forever (as well as nothing growths up forever) and start buying stocks again. However I still would be cautious. This rally may not sustain if more bad news and panicking comes in. It is OK buying stable stocks such as large cap companies (which Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee September 13, 2010

Visa sold on stop loss

Last Friday Visa has been beaten down by bad news (still boo boo news in my opinion) about impact of regulatory act and Fed creating the new fee rules or whatever they are going to mess with the free market (which seems to be free no more). Investors were selling like crazy and I sold Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee September 07, 2010

Portfolio monthly review – August 2010

Portfolio monthly review - August 2010

I decided to change frequency of reviewing and posting my portfolio reviews from weekly to monthly. Weekly reviews are not as important as I thought originally and due to time issues I am not able to keep up posting in such frequency. So here is the review of August 2010 of my Trading account, which Continue reading →