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Automakers want…

“…[tag]Ford[/tag] (F) described Tuesday’s request for a $9 [tag]billion[/tag] government [tag]loan[/tag]. [tag]General Motors[/tag] (GM) wants $12 billion in loans and a $6 billion [tag]credit line[/tag]. [tag]Chrysler[/tag] is requesting a $7 billion loan.” (cited from today’s IBD Featured story). Altogether they require $29 billion of a loan (credit line is excluded).

I would be cheaper. I want just one [tag]million[/tag] of dollars and I will be truly happy. When the automakers made billions of dollars, did they give you something whenever you just “wanted”? I don’t think so. I believed that we have capitalism in the USA, now it seems we are going toward socialism or communism. In those systems governments were also bailing out and keeping inefficient and bankrupting companies artificially alive by pumping inflationary money into their budgets. Any time a big company will act irresponsibly (banks) or will become inefficient and outdated (i.e. automakers) we (taxpayers) will bail them out. They don’t even have to work hard on improving, finding new solutions, innovative, efficient, and green products. Why, we all will pay for it. Gosh, I have seen this already somewhere…

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