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BDT added to portfolio

I need to rebuild this portfolio, accumulate some funds and start investing into more save securities to stop losing money here. Therefore I decided to change my strategy a bit and use dividend investing the same way as I do in my ROTH IRA account to accumulate. One of the investment I had in my watch list was BlackRock Strategic Dividend (BDT) which I want to buy in my ROTH IRA account. I liked this ETF for quite a good dividend, large discount and its strategy it seeks to invest. I think it may be a good investment. On the other hand with this ETF I can keep the money available for another trade (unlike with HSTIX which is a NO-Transaction-Fee mutual fund and thus can be sold after 180 days to wave fees). So, if I see better opportunity, I can sell and buy.

09/13/2010   12:24:35  Bought  100  BDT  @  9.399

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