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Bloggers and my blogroll

Over time I made a few friends recruited from dividend and options trading bloggers. Some had great blogs and I could learn a lot from them.

I could learn not only about investing, but also about blogging. It was a great community. But recently I noticed many of those great blogs were dormant. Some said good bye, some just stopped without a single word.

I understand that blogging may be time consuming work. Nevertheless I am sorry to see these bloggers go.

This has an impact to my blog too.

I decided to stop linking to the inactive blogs and remove them from my blogroll. That means I will remove any blog from my blogroll, which is silent for more than 6 months.

inactive bloggers

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6 responses to “Bloggers and my blogroll”

  1. MU says:

    I am new to this blogspere. I guess persistence & discipline are what I need for both dividend/options investment and blog writing.

    • Martin says:

      Hi MU, yes persistence and discipline will get you there. If you want your blog to prosper and even make you some money from advertising, persistence is really needed. And the same goes with investing / trading.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  2. DivGuy says:

    I’ve been blogging for about 8 years now… I’ve seen numbers and numbers of bloggers come… and gone! Don’t let others reality affect you. I understand the feeling, but you’ve got to keep doing it if its positive for you. Hang on! ;-)

  3. Money Beagle says:

    You’re generous, I normally give three months and then you’re out of my RSS feeder and blogroll :)

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