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Buying monthly dividend income Motif

I decided to take a small experiment and buy my monthly dividend income motif tomorrow morning using margin. I will only use a small portion and buy for the minimum of $250 dollars only.

Will the dividends be able to pay for the loan?

This trade should answer the question in real time.

Here is my motif:



If you are interested in buying this motif as an entire portfolio (with this motif you can buy all shares in the motif with as little as $250 dollars and buy fractional shares similar to when you purchase mutual funds, but in this case, the motif is in fact your own mutual fund and thus you do not pay hefty fees to the fund manager – unless you decide to pay to yourself.

If you do not have a motif account, you can open one here and have one month free investing!


Or would you prefer investing into a classic DGI portfolio?

If you like dividend growth investing (DGI and do not want to spend time building your own portfolio one stock at a time but be rather diversified with 30 stocks right away, you can buy my DGI motif like a mutual fund and keep investing small amount of money every month (buying fractional shares) no fees, no limits, invest as little as $250 per trade:


Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me!

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