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Calendar page added

I like to watch my investments on regular basis. One thing I like the best is to see when my account receives payments. It is like a payday but this time it is monthly and sometimes several times in a month.

In our office we say “TGIF PD MF” every Friday when we receive a paycheck. I bet you all know “TGIF”. The “PD” stands for “Pay Day” and the “MF” stands for “Mother***”; well, I won’t continue in case children read this web. If we have no paycheck that particular Friday, then it only is “TGIF MF” or “TGIF MF no PD”.

So I want to quickly see when my investments have their “TGIF PD MF” and because I am a visual person rather than text one I created this page to visually see it.

Here is the calendar for dividends:


And here is the calendar for options:


The options calendar is a bit tricky, since I get the money immediately after I sell the put or call contract, but at expiration day I can finally say that the money are mine! Before the expiration there still is a chance that I may lose the trade. If it goes against me and I need to do a trade repair which may be costly that trade can turn into a loss.

Do you know when you are paid either the dividends or options?


2 responses to “Calendar page added”

  1. Martin says:

    Dan, yes I agree. I had the itching: “When I get my money?… when I get my money!” as you I just knew it would be quarterly and constantly was checking which stock should pay and when and it was very disturbing. And then it stroke me! I could create a calendar and have it in one place. And since I am a visual person I created it as this chart to clearly see it. Originally I had it written down in Word like:

    MCD March 15, June 15 etc.
    LO March 9, June 11, etc.

    but it still wasn’t clear to quickly see when and what will happen. Now I am satisfied. One quick glance and I can see when “I get my money!” :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dan Mac says:

    Great idea for the calendar Martin! I need to do something similar to do this for my own portfolio. I know all my investments should pay quarterly but I really have no idea what part of the quarter they pay. I just check my cash balance every day and get really excited whenever I notice I recieved some dividends and my cash has gone up!

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