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What I was worried about happened

Account Net-Liq: $5,287.47
SPX value: 3,235.66
Shiller PE: 30.16

In the morning that market rallied. So I rolled my SPX trade higher again. And of course, but the end of the day the market tanked down by -40.36 (-1.23%). And, of course, because I was rolling my puts higher too, to recoup some cash, now these puts are in danger. Not completely yet, but if this starts slipping into something more serious, the trade will be busted again. What a joke. I hope I will be able to finish these trades soon and be done with it Then I will only trade my strategy of accumulating assets and selling options around those assets. No speculative trading whatsoever!

Futures are down 0.27% as of this entry. The question is, will it reverse tomorrow or not?

SPX 2020

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