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So many sudden gurus

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It is astonishing to see how many sudden investing and trading gurus popped out on social media, mainly on Youtube. It reminds me of my enthusiasm in 2008 when I decided to post about the market and my newly achieved knowledge of the market which no one ever knew about. I must have looked stupid to the people of “have” trying to tell them what stocks to invest to because I was the only one there who knew.

How laughable I must have looked like to them! Well, I guess, exactly as these new brewed gurus look laughable to me today. When I browse through my Youtube feed, I see so many of them providing analysis, predictions, forecasts, crash predictions… all a joke of newly bred gurus. But, as an old adage goes, “if suddenly a plumber becomes a market wizard, it is time to bail out”.

Are we seeing this today?

And many of the analysis, predictions, news, forecasts… all these are just an empty blabbing. I can’t watch many of them beyond the first few minutes.

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