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Goal for 2020

Account Net-Liq: $5,202.02
SPX value: 3,224.73

When I realized that I would not be a good trader and needed to take a different approach, I decided to set the following goal for 2020:

1) invest in high-quality dividend stocks (aristocrats) and reach 100 of those stocks
2) collect dividends on those high-quality stocks
3) sell covered calls on those stocks
4) if assigned, start selling cash-secured puts to buy back the shares

Here are the shares I plan to accumulate in 2020:

Aristocrats 2020

5) buy LEAPS against indexes such as SPY and IWM
6) sell covered calls against those LEAPS
7) use covered calls proceeds to raise BP to min $500 and maintain that level
8) use any proceeds above $500 BP to repair bad SPX trades (see below)
9) after repairs, use proceeds to buy more dividend-paying stocks (aristocrats).

Here is the goal for 2020 in individual steps:

Goal 2020

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