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Posted by Martin January 05, 2020

How should I invest $100 per month in stocks?

I bet many people will tell you that you can’t because of diversification and other myths and misconceptions what all sorts of advisers tell general public to cover their backs and lack of deeper knowledge. I started like that myself and built up a nice portfolio. It is difficult at first but doable, mainly today Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 04, 2020

What are the best companies to invest money in the US in 2020?

If you have a plan and know what you are doing, you should have a watch list of companies you want to invest in. These companies should be great to buy any time, not just in 2020. But without knowing your objectives, goals, strategy, risk tolerance, time horizon, or amount of money you want to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 04, 2020

Is investing in stock market a bad idea at retirement age?

Not at all. However, your strategy will depend on a few important factors. For example, are you starting at retirement from scratch, meaning you have nothing saved? Or you have a significant amount saved and invested elsewhere and just thinking or re-allocating it? Generally, it is never late to start in the stock market but Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 03, 2020

Will investing in stocks be a good way to use a lump sum of money?

A study was made (sorry no longer remember who did it and link to the source, but I may try to find it if I have time), indicating that investing smaller portions but regularly outperforms a lump sump investment long term. So, if you have a large sump, identify stocks you want to invest the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2020

What is the easiest way to make small profits on the stock market?

There is no straight answer to your question. It all depends on many factors:   How much money you have What is your risk tolerance How much time you have to stay invested What is your knowledge about investing in the stock market What is your “profit” expectations What would you do if your investment Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 01, 2020

What are some tips you would give to someone who has never invested in stock or shares? What are some things they must know and learn to get started?

First you need to answer and set a goal. You want to invest – why? What do you expect? What do you want to achieve? Once you know answers to it, you can start learning what investing or trading strategy can get you there and focus on that. If you do not know what you Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 21, 2019


Last two weeks I was quite busy over the weekends and had no time to write my overview and expectations. Today, I am going to catch up on this deficit. My goal is to have these reviews on regular basis, if possible.   Let’s review the market   Two weeks ago, I posted my expectation Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 04, 2019

Stocks watch list December 2019

Here are the dividend paying stocks we will be reinvesting dividends, options profits, and trade options (exceptions apply) in December 2019:   Helmerich & Payne Inc. (HP) Meredith Corp. (MDP) Mercury General Corp. (MCY) Weyco Group Inc. (WEYS) 3M Company (MMM) Consolidated Edison (ED) Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Sonoco Products Co. (SON) Johnson & Johnson Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 01, 2019


During this holidays season I was lazy at home and had not have much time (and will) to do any review of the market and our positions. So, I will keep it simple today: The markets broke up through their resistances recently and they are in clear uptrend (see SPX chart and IWM charts below). Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 23, 2019


After a Friday’s strong rally a week ago the market went up on Monday and then stalled. I mentioned to be cautious although I believed we had room to upwards ①. After that, the market went mostly down ②.       But, it was evident, that this market was not in panic, it was Continue reading →