Posted by Martin October 28, 2020

Stock market plunges on virus fear

Stocks opened lower as expected and crashed -2.40% on virus fear. This makes the market correcting another 7.5% within the original 10.6% correction. Kind of a correction inside a correction since we haven’t fully recovered from the first one. This also breaks all previous patterns (unless we recover by the end of the day) and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 27, 2020

A storm is coming

On Thursday, big names are reporting earnings… AMZN, AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL, and FB… and these companies can shake the market for sure. I think the best one can do is to stay away for now until we see what is going to happen.    

Posted by Martin October 27, 2020


Selling in Wall Street is set to continue tomorrow. On Monday we saw the indexes declined (SPY ended the session down 0.33%) and the negative sentiment seem to continue. The futures pre-market data indicate the DJI to drop even more. As of now the opening will be down more than 300 points or -1.14%. Of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 27, 2020

Cup and handle failed, what now?

The stock market was forming a cup and handle formation, but yesterday, this pattern failed. If we were to continue the pattern, we were supposed to continue higher as indicated in the picture below:     Since this pattern failed, what is ahead of us now?   We can see or identify two other possible Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 19, 2020

Vaccine and stimulus

Stimulus hopes before the election fade away and investors are dumping stocks (but wait, they will be buying it back like crazy when the hopes renew after the election)… A good start on vaccine hopes diminished on the stimulus failed hopes. But who knows what the hopes are. It is all that media make always Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 15, 2020

Cup and handle in making?

As expected, the market topped in a parabolic run-up a few days ago and retreated. It is possibly creating a cup and handle formation and if completed and correct, we may expect another leg up:     Cup and handle and all charting is not an exact science. But if we take into account what Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 13, 2020

Did the market sprint to finish today?

The stock market can be compared to a sprint in athletics. When runners are running they run at a constant speed but as the finish line nears they start adding speed and take their reserves of energy to sprint faster to the finish line.     Yesterday, the market started showing the signs of a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 12, 2020

Another parabolic craziness

The stock market, fuelled by hopes and wishes about more stimulus and more free money poured into the system, is going crazy. And the market loves free money and wants more of it.     As a dividend growth investor, I do not mind this behavior. There are still companies that are undervalued even in Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 05, 2020

Stocks to accumulate in October 2020

Our September accumulation was a great success. We have reached 100 shares accumulating a few of the positions such as PPL, PBCT, and now we will be accumulating more shares of other companies such as AT&T (T), Altria (MO), or Tyson Foods (TSN). There are still good companies which are undervalued even in this overvalued Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 27, 2020

Looks like the correction is over… boys are chasing the market up again…

Looks like the correction is over... boys are chasing the market up again...

If you were waiting for lower prices and wanted to buy in, do it quickly otherwise you just missed the boat. It seems, the 10% correction is over and we are heading up again. Not because anything has changed or the economy improved over Saturday and Sunday, but because the market players just had their Continue reading →