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May 2014 results; should I have sold and ran away?

May 2014 results; should I have sold and ran away?

There is an old adage on Wall Street – “Sell in May and run away”. If you have done that, then you missed a nice returns overall as markets grew quite nice in May 2014. S&P 500 rose by nice 2.18% in May and closed near all-time high. What a blessing! Should I have sold Continue reading →

April 2014 review

April 2014 review

Another month has ended and I must admit it was a successful month although it started miserably. At the end my account ended up by whooping 7.74% (adjusted for contributions). Again, I had nice income made of dividends and collected options premiums. Once again, this month I focused primarily on increasing account value, meaning contributing Continue reading →

March 2014 review

Markets regained the upward trend momentum as it confirmed its trend continuation last Friday. What does that mean? It is simple, the trend will continue and it will make sense to be buying any dips should they occur. In this post I would like to review my view of the market in the past and Continue reading →

February 2014 progress, goal changes, and TD portfolio vs S&P500

Hello fellow investors. Recently I was working hard on my strategy, goals, and reviews. Why? Because I want to show the picture of my investments so all readers can see how well or poor I am in investing, trading and financial independence building effort. Not everybody who you ask about their investment will tell you Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 30, 2013

My goals for 2014

The year 2013 is over. It has been a wonderful year. It passed very quickly and now we have time to reconcile our goals and set new ones. My last year was a struggle fighting my debt. I could see how much money I was wasting on debt payments and interest. Many times I saw Continue reading →