Posted by Martin July 20, 2020

The market rallies again

Account Net-Liq: $$5,340.51 SPX value: 3,251.57 It is becoming quite frustrating that the market rallies again. It is weird. Everybody is pessimistic, everybody says that we are in a recession, we have new COVID-19 spikes and everybody is worried, yet the market rallies hard?!? Did everyone forget about the COVID? How come we sold off Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 19, 2020

New week expectations

Account Net-Liq: $5,202.02 SPX value: 3,224.73 Expecting the new week and hope the market will be favorable to my trades. I hope to repair my SPX trade and make money on the existing open trades. I also finished reading Lifecycle Investing. I think it is a good book and worth re-reading a few more times. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 18, 2020

ROTH strategy success

Account Net-Liq: $19,047.39 SPX value: 3,224.73 I have been trading the strategy I was talking about in my previous entries in my diary in my ROTH account for some time now. I have been accumulating shares of HP until I reached 100 shares, later on, I kept accumulating PPL, and now I am accumulating AT&T Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 18, 2020

Goal for 2020

Account Net-Liq: $5,202.02 SPX value: 3,224.73 When I realized that I would not be a good trader and needed to take a different approach, I decided to set the following goal for 2020: 1) invest in high-quality dividend stocks (aristocrats) and reach 100 of those stocks 2) collect dividends on those high-quality stocks 3) sell Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 18, 2020

Cash Deposit and purchase of IWM LEAPS

Account Net-Liq: $5,202.02 SPX value: 3,224.73 I decided to write a diary about trading and building my wealth. And keep it private for now. And I want to force myself to write every day if the conditions allow. I want to write about my trading and my feelings during the market days or weeks, make Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 12, 2020

Chasing Money

Building wealth and passive income is a long term journey. But it can be shortened. Not by reckless trading (I tried and failed), but by buying assets which grow fast and pay growing income which can be reinvested and snowballed to ever growing larger sums of money.   Dividend investing   This is a reason Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 23, 2020

How to boost your investing income and portfolio size

The ideas presented here are not new but they are just less known. There is a great paradox when investing in the stock market for the purpose of creating a personal wealth and financial independence. Advisors and gurus tell us that we must invest a lot of money and rather very early in your lifes Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 08, 2020

Leverage investing, mainly in these times of selloffs!

I keep struggling with enough cash to invest. I want to invest a lot be buying equities, hold them, collect dividends, and monetize those holdings to generate even more cash. But family life, bills, kids in college, and situations like “something always happens int he worst time ever” is preventing me from investing more. So Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 25, 2020

Creating passive and semi-passive income

This week, I continued building my passive income (accumulating dividend stocks) and a semi-passive income (trading options). But, when reviewing my portfolios I realized one thing – I had my positions all over the place dispersed among many shares. There was nothing wrong with it, those are all stocks I want to hold. But, in Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 18, 2020

Brutal wipe out with bright outlook?

This was hard few weeks on Wall Street with markets flushing out a lot of value over a flue. And yes, I mean it. This is just another version of a flue we know about. Scientists were able to identify the virus genome 10 days after outbreak and worked on a vaccine and solution. All Continue reading →