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Posted by Martin January 19, 2009

Stock options results – January 2009

A month ago I started [tag]investing[/tag] into [tag]stock options[/tag] using the most [tag]basic strategy[/tag] called “[tag]Covered call[/tag]s”. The reason I started learning this strategy was to [tag]protect my investments[/tag] and create a steady monthly [tag]income[/tag]. However, prior investing the real [tag]money[/tag] I opened a [tag]virtual account[/tag] at CBOE for learning purposes. I wanted to try Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 17, 2008

Stock Options review

On Monday, December 15, 2008 I filled my first [tag]stock option[/tag] [tag]covered call[/tag] trade. However it was very confusing for me and when I reviewed it I didn’t understand what I was doing. The [tag]account[/tag] results were confusing and I couldn’t see how I am supposed to [tag]make money[/tag] by covered calls. This table was Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 15, 2008

Stock option positions opened

Note: This is a [tag]virtual trade[/tag] for learning purposes. This morning I have: bought 100 AFAM @45.79, total [tag]market value[/tag] $4,579 and sold 1 .KQAAJ @0.05, total market value -$5.00 I will write more about this [tag]trade[/tag] later. If you want to know, how my stock option trades are doing, click hereto get regular updates. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 14, 2008

Stock options, the first kick off

As I said, I am not experienced in [tag]stock options[/tag] at all. I have never traded it, but I really want to. As many books or literature say [tag]options[/tag] can be a great [tag]source of income[/tag], among other [tag]strategies[/tag]. There are many option strategies, maybe hundreds or thousands of them. I am looking for only Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 07, 2008

Stock options trading

In “I want to start [tag]investing[/tag], are stocks best for me” article I mentioned that I wish to learn and start [tag]trading options[/tag] as well. However I have never traded options and I have no idea how it works, how to trade them, and [tag]evaluate options[/tag] to make the [tag]trading[/tag] successful. To learn options I Continue reading →