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Posted by Martin November 09, 2011

DIS trade adjusted

I adjusted my entry limit on Disney (DIS) trade due to gap down this morning. The trade executed short after. Happy Trading!

Posted by Martin November 08, 2011

DIS Put Butterfly

Here is another trade I am going to take tomorrow. It is a butterfly on Disney (DIS) and the ideal landing spot to profit will be at or around $32 per share, so expecting Disney to drop in price. I entered the trade today night and it should open (if it meets my entry price) Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 03, 2011

WYNN weekly puts for income

Another trade I would like to take is some income producing trade. I will sell weekly options against my long puts. Currently I hold 1 WYNN Dec 17 2011 130 Puts and I will sell 1 WYNN Nov 11 2011 (weekly)125 Put @ limit credit 1.35 per contract. Basically this trade will be adjusted into Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 03, 2011

Potash Corp (POT) diagonal Spread

Another trade I am planning to take is a long term diagonal spread on Potash Corporation (POT). The stock recently (on multi-year chart) had run to a multiyear high at the beginning of 2011 and then it corrected down to around $45 a share. Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. produces and sells fertilizers and related Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 02, 2011

Short Wynn Resorts Ltd (WYNN)

Short Wynn Resorts Ltd (WYNN)

I had a short discussion with one of my readers via emails whether I would be willing to be issuing a newsletter in which I would be presenting my trades. I am not planning to do that at this point. Maybe later. However, I will try to present some of the trades I am considering Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 27, 2011

Is this market sustainable?

Some say do not fight this rally, we broke up and running, some say this is not sustainable. Stocks around the world are exploding higher on Thursday after Eurozone officials announced a deal they hope will forestall, if not prevent, a financial meltdown in Greece from spreading throughout Europe and perhaps infecting economies around the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 07, 2011

Unbelievable movement of the market

I am surprised what moves the market today. When you look at all data coming out of Europe and the US, one cannot believe this market is rising. Well, it is happening (maybe today I should say it was happening, since I think we are at reversal). I swallowed my pride, sold my SPY puts Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 03, 2011

Shorting SPY once again

Based on the current trading I decided to enter my puts at this point. So I bought 2 contracts of November SPY puts @111 strike. If the market reverses I will quickly liquidate this trade, but if it continues down I will stay riding it. Happy Trading!

Posted by Martin October 03, 2011

Profit taking

I decided to liquidate some of my positions in SPY and FFIV. SPY started to diminish due to time decay so I decided to sell my puts and I will buy November puts since the market is slumping down. I will see at the end of the trading session today. Definitely the market broke thru Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 28, 2011

Market slips after 4 day ride up.

As I expected, the market lost its steam. Seller stepped in and they were selling. Stocks struggled to rise. Durable goods orders slid as expected. Today morning I bought my SPY puts to ride this downturn. At this point it seems like the market is trading in a range within a bear market. We may Continue reading →