Posted by Martin January 03, 2021

2020 in charts

The 2020 year was an interesting year. It looked like it would be a complete disaster at first, yet it turned around very fast and it became my best year investing so far. Here are some of the achievements in the charts:    · Net-Liquidation Value   It was in August 2019 when my $20,000 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2021

Starting small

It is hard to start investing and trading when you have a small account and only a few dollars in your account. Unfortunately, a small investor is doomed to take a larger risk than if you have thousands of dollars at your disposal. Taking a $500 risk on one trade feels different in a $1,000 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 21, 2020

Market gapped down on Covid fear, new trades, and adjustments for 12/21/2020

The stock market gapped down more than 2% on renewed fear of the new strain of Covid. That is, what the media are telling us. I don’t think this is the reason for selling. The market was quite over-extended and some sort of a pullback was needed. That is what has happened this morning. Since Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 19, 2020

Selling Covered Calls below your stock cost basis. What to do?

The covered calls strategy is considered the safest strategy good for beginners and almost all brokers will allow you to trade this strategy in their basic options trading tier level. Yet, that doesn’t mean that this strategy is riskless and has no potential to give you a hard time trading it. It can become a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 13, 2020

Would you worry about valuation getting stocks for free? Yes, or no?

What if you could obtain shares of a stock you want to have in your portfolio for free? Would you worry about the valuation of that stock? For example, when looking at the valuation of Apple (AAPL) the stock is permanently, grossly overvalued since 2019:     And what about Coca Cola? A great stock Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 24, 2020


If you are familiar with this strategy, you can pretty much skip this post as you already know all the ropes. If you are a novice investor, this strategy may help you maximize your returns. This strategy utilizes trading stocks and options. I use this strategy myself and it generates consistent returns.   Stock pick Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 18, 2020

October 16, 2020 expiration

We had a few options positions expiring last week on Friday, October 16:   PPL – Oct 16 (monthly) 29.00 call for +0.35 – WINNER STOR – Oct 16 (monthly) 25 put for +0.68 – WINNER   All other trades were rolled into November expiration day. You can check our open positions on our Trades Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 17, 2020

Why I like investing and trading in the stock market

1) You can generate great returns 2) You can treat investing and trading as your business 3) You do not need customers 4) You do not need supplies 5) You do not need any marketing looking for customers, and keep them happy mainly when they do not know what they want 6) You do not Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 07, 2020

Why do so many people selling puts fail?

Maybe, you are one of the people who got excited and started selling put contracts against stocks or even dividend stocks and failed. I was there too. I was selling as a hell. I was selling puts a lot. And I failed too. Many times. I lost tons of money selling puts. Then the puts Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 05, 2020

#004 Trades opened today

We have added a few more trades today to our accounts:   Bought 1 SPY Jan20 2023 (LEAPS) 335 call for -44.30 debit Sold 1 SPY Oct 9 (weekly) 348 call for +0.42 credit   We completed our goal in our account and saved enough buying power to buy LEAPS against the SPY index (3 Continue reading →