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Posted by Martin April 07, 2018

Weekly results April 07, 2018

S&P 500  2,604.47 -58.37 (-2.19%)  Dow 30  23,932.76 -572.46 (-2.34%)  Nasdaq  6,915.11 -161.44 (-161.44)   Another sell off in the markets based on fears from Drumpf damaging economy of the US by escalating the trade war, job report, inflation fear. But we may be bottoming. Although if we really are, the road to recovery still Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 05, 2018

Trump proving again he has no clue and he is mentally stuck in 1930

S&P 500  2,662.84 +18.15 (+0.69%)  Dow 30  24,505.22 +240.92 (+0.99%)  Nasdaq  7,076.55 +34.44 (+0.49%)   The market were finally on the path of recovery, the chart was clear, markets calm, shrugged the trade war, and going higher. Yesterday we saw dip buyers jumping in and buying cheap stocks recovering a market which was down 35 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 04, 2018

Stocks erased morning losses

S&P 500  2,644.69 +30.24 (+1.16%)  Dow 30  24,264.30 +230.94 (+0.96%)  Nasdaq  7,042.11 +100.83 (+1.45%)   Today, it definitely was a crazy market. A market I haven’t expected at all after China announced tariffs retaliation on the US goods worth $50 billion dollars. By the morning bell the futures were down more than 34% at S&P Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 03, 2018

Reclaiming 200 DMA support

S&P 500  2,614.45 +32.57 (+1.26%)  Dow 30  24,033.36 +389.17 (+1.65%)  Nasdaq  6,941.28 +71.16 (+1.04%)   After a selloff on Monday the markets eased the rout a bit today. The whole day was calm and nothing much has been happening. The last trading hour the markets spiked up and reclaimed the 200 DMA support. It is Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 02, 2018

Rout Today, Rally Tomorrow, Rout Next Day, And So On

S&P 500  2,581.88 -58.99 (-2.23%)  Dow 30  23,644.19 -458.92 (-1.90%)  Nasdaq  6,870.12 -193.33 (-2.74%)   Another rout in the markets today. The markets lost 88 points during the day, so it was quite encouraging to see that it recovered by the end of the day and we only lost 59 points. That means, that so Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 31, 2018

March 2018 trading, investing, results

February was bad. Unfortunately, March on Wall Street wasn’t any better. The slump in stocks continued and S&P 500 continue sliding down. The first week of March looked promising. The markets went up and it all looked that we are finally on the path of recovery. Then Trump announced his tariffs shame aimed against China Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 29, 2018

Off Coloring Easter Eggs

S&P 500  2640.00 +35.87 (+1.38%)  Dow 30  24103.11 +254.69 (+1.07%)  Nasdaq  7063.44 +114.22 (+1.64%)   As one trader put it today – “the markets would go higher today as traders are off coloring the eggs…” So, the markets went up today… tomorrow, we are closed for Easter and on Monday we will see what’s going Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 28, 2018

200 DMA holding: consolidation or more pain coming?

S&P 500  2605.00 -7.62 (-0.29%)  Dow 30  23848.42 -9.29 (-0.04%)  Nasdaq  6949.23 -59.58 (-0.85%)   The market was dragged down by technology stocks again today. But the draw down was as violent as yesterday or last week. It doesn’t mean that this can turn tomorrow into more selling. The stock market hold 200 DMA so Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2018

The pain

S&P 500  2612.62 -45.93 (-1.73%)  Dow 30  23857.71 -344.89 (-1.43%)  Nasdaq  7008.81 -211.74 (-2.93%)   The rebound on Monday didn’t last long. Today, the markets tanked again dragged down by technology stocks. So far 200 DMA holds but the more often we knock on it the more likely we break down. Also, the markets are Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 26, 2018

A Large Rebound Eases Tensions, Will It Last?

What I expected on Friday came on Monday. A significant bounce. But will this turn into a recovery or is it a dead cat bounce for further selloff? I do not know and cannot predict. However, given the markets erratic behavior and fast reactions this may turn into a recovery. We did a few trades Continue reading →