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Posted by Martin May 23, 2013

An ultimate dividend payer

Although you won’t find a perfect stock across the market floor, there is one which earned attention of millions of income seeking investors. You won’t find too many companies out there which mission is to provide income. I am talking about a California-based real estate investment trust – Realty Income (O). It may not be Continue reading →

Trade Adjustment – Realty Income (O) addition

Trade Adjustment - Realty Income (O) addition

Today morning my conditional order triggered a buy order. I bought 22 shares of Realty Income @ 44.00 a share. This trade increases my stake at Realty Income to 98 shares and I will be receiving $212.66 in annual dividend. Originally I posted on my Facebook page that I purchased 25 and rounded my holdings Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2012

New trade – adding Realty Income (O)

Today I realized a part of my planned buying of Realty Income stock. Maybe little too early since I am expecting more drop in price, but I will be buying more later if that happens. I am also planning on adding SDY to my portfolio, but this didn’t happen today and I moved my buy Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 01, 2012

New trade – Realty Income (O)

Today I bought more shares of Realty Income to my dividend portfolio at $39.72 per share. 11/01/2012 12:26:49 Bought 19 O @ 39.72 Total shares held as of today: 66 Estimated annual dividend: $120.12 Consecutive Dividend Increase: 14 years Dividend yield today: 4.50% Dividend 5yr Growth: 2.66% Dividend paid since: 1994