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Posted by Martin December 05, 2023

Mastering Risk: A Guide to Proper Risk Management When Selling Options in a Margin Account

Selling options in a margin account can be a lucrative strategy for experienced investors, but it comes with inherent risks that demand careful consideration. To navigate these waters successfully, it’s crucial to implement a robust risk management plan. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key principles of proper risk management when selling options Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 04, 2023

Our Crumbs strategy still worked despite today’s selloff

Last Friday, the market jumped up and broke above what I thought was a rollover pattern. If the breakout was legit, it would make it a consolidation. But today, the market sold off and erased all Friday’s gains. Despite that, our Crumbs strategy worked. But on Friday, it all looked like we were going higher. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 04, 2023

Decoding Retirement Strategies: Living Off Dividends vs. the 4% Rule

As individuals approach retirement, the critical question of how to generate a reliable income becomes paramount. Two popular strategies that often emerge in this discussion are building a portfolio for living off dividends and following the 4% rule. Both approaches have their merits and drawbacks, and choosing the right one requires a careful consideration of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 19, 2023

September – October 2023 SPX put credit spreads trading review

I was busy with many things last two months to report our SPX trading and today I am going to report both months I missed – our SPX trading in September and October 2023. Many things happened during these two months. I switched trading strategy once again as the previous ones didn’t work well to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 18, 2023

August 2023 SPX put credit spreads trading review

August 2023 SPX trading was slow. Since I trade mostly bullish trades, during bear markets or corrections I sit aside and wait. Time to time, I open a bearish trade but in corrections or during high volatility, the bearish trade may quickly turn against me and I do not want to have too many bearish Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 29, 2023

June – July 2023 SPX put credit spreads trading review

I didn’t report June SPX trading as I was busy with other projects. So I am, once again, reporting two months – June and July 2023. As the markets started improving so our trades. We are finally able to eliminate trades that got stuck thanks to the bear market of 2022. And on top of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 04, 2023

May 2023 SPX put credit spreads trading review

It looks like I forgot to report April SPX trading, so in this May report, I will report both months. Both months were losing months. In April we lost -$1,303.00 (-2.54%) and in May we lost -$5,275.00 (-10.53%) while SPX gained 1.46% and 2.71% respectively. The loses were mostly due to letting bad trades go Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 01, 2023

March 2023 SPX put credit spreads trading review

February and March SPX trading improved well. We were actively trading our SPX strategy which delivered a $3,971.00 gain. Many of our trades got slammed in 2022 and instead of closing these trades for pretty large losses, I decided to use a rather unorthodox strategy. Many people will probably disagree with me and despise it Continue reading →

Posted by Guest March 01, 2023

Gaining Mental Trust For Your Trading

I hear from time to time that when beginners start dealing with trading, e.g. with options trading, they ask themselves at the beginning of their journey whether the whole concept of trading works at all. Because what they lack at the beginning is mental trust, which is absolutely necessary to achieve permanent positive results in Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 19, 2023

Are Treasury Bills Really Risk-Free?

Recently, as the interest rates were growing, Treasuries started paying great interest. They reached 5% recently. And media are now telling us that this is a big threat to the stocks as Treasuries now offer a “virtually risk-free” earnings yield comparable to S&P 500. and if you can get 5% risk-free interest, why would you Continue reading →