Posted by Martin May 17, 2020

Poor Man’s Covered Call (KBE)

BTO 1 KBE Jan21 2022 20 strike call (LEAPS) for -10.26 debit STO 1 KBE Jun19 30 strike call for +1.07 credit Total cost -9.18 debit   The trade has been adjusted as the prices jumped up overnight significantly. We opened the LEAPS call for 10.26 debit and short call for 1.07 credit. Even adjusted Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 16, 2020

Should you be investing now?

  No crisis, slump, selloffs, recessions, and even depressions last forever. The markets eventually recover so when you start buying and adding when the markets are low due to panic and media hysteria, you will end up ahead of the game at the end. Even in 1930 depression, which lasted some 20+ years (if you Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 01, 2020

How much can you make trading options?

That’s a question people ask often. I did ask that question too. Many times. I still do ask that question. I want to know whether my trading is aligned with others, expectations, and goals of mine. The answer is not simple and results really vary based on your account size, trading strategies, and risk you Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 28, 2020

What would you invest in 2020, growth stocks or dividend stocks?

It all depends on many things – your age, money available, goal or why are you investing, time horizon you want to invest, and so on. If you are young and want to create a portfolio for your retirement, then I definitely vote for dividend stocks. Why? If you want to invest for the next Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 24, 2020

How much should I invest in the stock market as a teenager?

As much as you can. Every penny you get and can call “yours” should be invested in the stock market – 100% or more in stocks. Forget any defensive safe investing. You are young, you have time on your side so you can go aggressive as you will be able to fix any mistake. Leverage Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 22, 2020

What is the best money investment at medium risk in 1 year?

If you must be in a stock market, buy the entire index (SPY). Yet, it will diversify you but if we get a selloff, you may not be able to get out. I expect at least 18 additional years of a bull market but that doesn’t mean we will have no corrections on the way Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 22, 2020

People chasing oil buying USO long term are poised for a rude awakening.

People are jumping in oil (USO) futures these days. Data shows that these buy orders are coming from retail investors (from Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and similar accounts). People, who are jumping in USO now think that with futures at 2.50 per contract they will become rich long term when oil recovers. But they have it Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 17, 2020

Is it a good idea to always buy low if you are investing in small stocks, especially if you are a beginner?

If you can correctly identify “low” and a type of a “low” then of course it is a good idea to always buy a low. But how do you know that a “low” in a certain stock is due to bad performance of a company going bankrupt or due to overall market conditions? And how Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 03, 2020

Should I invest in CDs or annuities?

No, unless you want to waste money. In CDs the interest won’t even beat inflation and your principal will never grow (unlike stocks where you get dividends and growth, with CDs you get poor interest and no growth). Annuities look good on a surface but they in fact deprive you of off the stock market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 18, 2020

Brutal wipe out with bright outlook?

This was hard few weeks on Wall Street with markets flushing out a lot of value over a flue. And yes, I mean it. This is just another version of a flue we know about. Scientists were able to identify the virus genome 10 days after outbreak and worked on a vaccine and solution. All Continue reading →