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Commission free wealth building new trade RWX

Another recent flow of trades I realized last week on Friday was a purchase of a commission free ETF SPDR Dow Jones International Real Estate ETF (RWX).

This trade is a part of my small money investing experiment. Thus on Friday I invested $91.18 to buy 2 shares of this dividend paying REIT. This ETF pays 5.83% annual dividend and 5.79% distribution yield. I bought this ETF into my ROTH IRA account and I will continue investing all small money (received dividends and contributions) into this commission free ETF as long as I save enough money to buy a lot of a stock of my interest.

To do that if I save let’s say $1100 in this ETF, I will sell $1000 worth of the holdings and buy a stock, while continue saving small contributions and dividends into this ETF to raise the holdings back up to $1100.

Then rinse and repeat…

Here is the trade from last Friday:

5/17/2013 14:58:28 Bought 2 RWX @ 45.589

Happy commissions free wealth building!

2 responses to “Commission free wealth building new trade RWX”

  1. Jake Erickson says:

    That’s a nice dividend and distribution yield. Good luck and keep building wealth!

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