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Democrats: Let’s Ban Profits!

At first, I wanted to post this video in my sidebar videos, but then I decided to post it here as a new post. It’s because this video deserves a short comment. Or actually not, no comments at all.

Watch for yourself what idiots are overtaking this country and turning it into a land of retarded idiots. I cannot say more about it.

When people realize, that thru the hard work, freedom, equal opportunities and free market they will prosper and as they will prosper, the entire society will prosper?

Some will never realize it.

America, no matter how screwed it may be, is still a country of freedom and equal opportunities which are unseen anywhere else. Believe me. I lived on both sides of the world and still remember and compare.

And here is the paradox.

As governments slowly, drop by drop, are taking our freedom, free market, and opportunities away thru regulations and laws, people fail to see it and blame somebody else. Usually they blame corporations, entrepreneurs, employers, businesses for all sorts of reasons and problems. The most common is that employers are paying them less and keeping all the profits for themselves and do not share and do not pay their fair share. And as much these people complain, that much they mistakenly turn into a government for help. And government wants to help by adding more regulations, more laws, and more restrictions. And those restrictions further limit freedoms of others (businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs) so they stop hiring, trying to pay even less to save their business. But people do not see this vicious circle. They wish for more “help” from the government.


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