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Diversify Your Investment

This is a guest post by Jeremias. He introduced himself.
My knowledge regarding stocks or investments I would say is quite on the average compared to people on the same age as I am, 15 years old. My parents introduced me to mutual funds when I was seven years old and I place money there on a yearly basis. I have quite saved a large amount of money ( for me), but I intend to use it at my senior years.
For me it is impressive, and I am happy, to meet a young man like Jeremias who is interested in saving and investing cash in such young age. I believe, if he continues educating himself in investing, he will be able to retire early. Very early.


My mother always reminds me on decision-makings that I always have a choice. That is absolutely true. In any situation you are in, you always have a choice. So, in relation to investments, you also have other options of investment. Investment does not only circulate on stocks and mutual funds. There are other ways and some of them may be in the form of material things. Some good examples would be land properties, vehicles, and computers.

Acquiring land properties is the best option if one wishes to diversify in investments. Aside from the fact that one can earn money from them, they never diminish even if it takes eternity. Of course, this is true as long as the landowner pays his/her taxes for ownership. The greatest thing with land ownership is that through time, the property’s value increases. This is due to the high development of the surrounding areas. Therefore, by the time the owner sells his/her property, its value is a lot higher compared to when he/she bought the property. In addition, the owner may develop his/her property buy building something and have it rented by other people. This way, the owner has secure money on his/her pocket on a regular basis. Places to stay are highly in demand nowadays since the human population increases rapidly. Moreover, people have increased their entrepreneurship skills, thus, many are interested on having a store. A landowner may offer his/her property to become a store stall for rent.

Development of land properties are among the common options great investors put their money on. This is also known as real estate. Development companies buy vast land, improve the area, and transform it into subdivisions, condominiums, or parks with stores around. Then they sell the lots alone or with houses on it to individuals who look for a place to stay on subdivisions. This also applies to condominiums. Parks with store stalls around them are ideal places for business. It is a good leisure place for people, at the same time, the entrepreneurs who rents the stalls earn money.

Vehicles may also be an option for investment. A person may buy many vehicles and have it rented by people. It could be turned into a taxi business or a school service business. This is ideal because transportation has a major role in people’s everyday lives. Another good renting business is on computers. Almost everybody communicates to the world through computers. The same concept with vehicles may be applied to computers. People rent the use of a unit and pay for the number of hours they used it.

These are only some of the possible options for investment. There are still lots of them waiting to be unraveled and explored. Even the little things one sees is a possible option for investment. One only needs to visualize and think of different possibilities. Always remember that great things have small beginnings.

2 responses to “Diversify Your Investment”

  1. I have never heard of anyone touting cars as an investment. I don’t think renting it out would be a good idea. You have to deal with all kind of liability issues.

  2. Troy says:

    Wow 7 years old? That’s amazing! Some of the world’s greatest investors started young e.g. Michael Steinhardt, Warren Buffett.

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