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Dividend Growth Stocks to Accumulate in April 2021

We have a few goals to achieve for our investment portfolio, some goals are primary, others are secondary goals that support the primary goal. I wish, I had more disposable funds to invest and that determined our primary goal – invest and trade so our investments generate enough income that can be reinvested. And here is a list of stocks to accumulate in April to achieve our goal.

To set a goal I needed to answer a simple question: How to invest to achieve my goal? How to achieve a large enough income that can buy more stocks that would generate even more income? The answer was dividend growth stocks.

I was not satisfied with just dividends. An income from dividends is small and grows slowly. At least, at the beginning of the accumulation phase. So, I added an options strategy to generate even more income selling options and collecting premiums. But I wanted more. So, I started looking for speculative but safe high yielding dividend stocks (mostly ETFs and closed-end funds “CEF”). These stocks, unlike the dividend growth stocks, can be bought, but also sold out from our portfolio. The dividend growth stocks are the only stocks we plan to hold forever (unless they cut the dividend due to insufficient earnings or free cash flow).

I think I have found a few good candidates I would like to add to my accumulation list.

Stocks to accumulate list:

Ticker Name Today’s
AFL Aflac 51.16 1.32 2.58% 100.0%
OMF OneMain Holdings 54.99 7.06 13.14% 0.0%
APAM Artisan Partners 52.52 3.08 5.86% 0.0%
ASG Liberty All-Star 8.63 0.66 7.65% 100.0%
QYLD Global X NASDAQ Cov Calls 22.70 0.23 11.49% 100.0%
CHI Calamos Convertible Opps 14.38 1.14 7.93% 100.0%
CSQ Calamos Total Return 17.42 1.23 7.06% 0.0%
NEWT Newtek Business Services 26.89 2.11 7.85% 0.0%
ADC Agree Realty Corporation 68.09 2.48 3.65% 0.0%
STAG STAG Industrial 34.56 1.45 4.20% 0.0%
MAIN Main Street Capital Corporation 39.85 2.46 6.17% 0.0%
O Realty Income Corporation 65.11 2.82 4.33% 55.0%
RYLD Global X Russell 2000 Cov Call 24.51 2.88 10.57% 0.0%
ABBV (NEW) AbbVie Inc. 108.52 5.20 4.79% 13.0%
AES (NEW) The AES Corporation 27.07 0.60 2.22% 70.0%
AAPL (NEW) Apple Inc. 123.00 0.82 0.67% 17.0%
EVN (NEW) Eaton Vance Muni Income 13.79 0.57 4.15% 0.0%
PMX (NEW) PIMCO Muni Income 12.40 0.55 4.45% 0.0%
EIM (NEW) Eaton Vance Muni Bond 13.33 0.60 4.47% 0.0%
FLMN (NEW) Falcon Minerals Corporation 4.71 0.20 4.34% 0.0%

(Prices and yields as of April 4th, 2021)

Do your own due diligence if you decide to invest in these stocks. The information here is believed to be accurate but may have changed since publishing.

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