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Dividend Growth Stocks to Accumulate in June 2021

Our primary goal is to accumulate dividend growth stocks and create a strong, safe, and large passive income. Our secondary goal is to trade options around those stocks to generate additional income and reinvest that income to accumulate even more dividend growth stocks.

To find a proper strategy that would get me to my goal, I needed to answer a simple question: How to invest to achieve my goal? How to achieve a large enough income that can buy more stocks that would generate even more income? The answer was dividend growth stocks.

I was not satisfied with just dividends. An income from dividends is small and grows slowly. At least, at the beginning of the accumulation phase. So, I added an options strategy to generate even more income selling options and collecting premiums. But I wanted more. So, I started looking for speculative but safe high-yielding dividend stocks (mostly ETFs and closed-end funds “CEF”). Unlike the dividend growth stocks, these stocks can be bought and sold out from our portfolio. The dividend growth stocks are the only stocks we plan to hold forever (unless they cut the dividend due to insufficient earnings or free cash flow).

Dividend growth stocks to accumulate in June 2021


June 2021 dividend growth stocks


Do your own due diligence if you decide to invest in these stocks. The information here is believed to be accurate but may have changed since publishing.

We will hold these stocks forever. We will sell them only when they no longer meet our dividend investing criteria (for example the company cuts the dividend) or the stock significantly underperform and better opportunities present themselves. If these companies keep paying dividends and increasing them, we will hold.

We will also sell options around these positions to offset our cost basis. During selloffs and recoveries, we may also buy call options to capture the recovery. If you are interested to see what we are buying and what options we are selling/buying, subscribe to our program.

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