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Do you want to know to which stocks billionaires invest?


If you are interested in knowing to which stocks billionaires invest, now you have a chance. NYSE introduced a new index – iBillionaire (BILLION).

The index tracks a group of filthy wealthy men and women and it basically polls them into which stocks they invest. They do not ask them directly of course, but monitor their portfolios to create the index.

Among the well-known investors included in the index are Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Daniel Loeb, David Tepper and David Einhorn. The index tracks 30 large-cap equities listed on S&P 500 into which the billionaires invested the most of their capital. The information is devised from 13F fillings and it can provide you with a nice review what stocks these investors are buying, selling or holding in a nut shell.

Now you can track their portfolio and start buying or selling the same stocks if you want.

I will however stay with my dividend growth strategy, although it is interesting to watch this index. At least I may use it to buy dividend growth stocks from this index and ignore other equities.

8 responses to “Do you want to know to which stocks billionaires invest?”

  1. Dear Martin,

    thank you very much for this very interesting link!

    My target/my way is DGI (Dividend Groth Investing).

    But is is always helpful to see where and how the “pros” invest their money!

    Apple, Yahoo and Google, they are not fit to DGI – but who knows if they do not start in 10 years paying big dividends…?

    Best regards


    • Martin says:

      I agree. But I will wait for those companies and buy them when they start paying a feasible dividend. However in that list I could see a few good dividend payers worthy to be added in a portfolio…

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note. I visited your blog and I am happy to see someone out of the US having the same approach. So greetings to Germany!

  2. Ben says:

    This is pretty cool. It’s amazing the ETFs that have these days. Also check out ticker GURU. Very similar and it looks at the biggest hedge fund stock picks.

  3. FI Fighter says:

    Interesting index there… I see a few stocks dividend investors love (WFC, KO, KMI, etc.), but a pretty high concentration of tech stocks as well, which always makes me a bit uneasy. Maybe not so much with Google, but Qualcomm, Netflix, Yahoo, etc.

  4. Its an interesting index and shows investors what kind of companies to look for. Although I have to comment that i dont agree with some of the investing of people like hedge fund activist investors such as Icahn or Ackman – who get initiate a large multibillion position, throw his weight around and create a media storm and exit after making some profit.

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