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Fear is gone, or is it?

Trump’s tariffs were an overreaction, probably better to say an excuse for selling. Today, Trump and his administration eased up on their rhetoric and conditioned any tariffs upon renegotiating NAFTA treaty which caused the market rally hard again.

Will this last or are we going to find some other reason for getting the market slammed again? No one knows.

All we could do today is just monitor our trades and adjust if and as necessary. I still believe we have about one or two years left in this bull market so my goal is to lighten on my positions and close as many as possible to be ready for a potential bear market (should it actually happen).


 · Trading activity today


A summary of opening and closing trades.
(balance + $420.00)

Trading Results

Collected another nice $420 dollars today. If the rally continues in the next 4 days we have some call spreads which will need attention.


 · Dividend stocks to buy


Out of our watch list of 35 dividend stocks the following ones are a good buy at today’s prices (03/05/2018):


Disclaimer: The list above is based on calculated fair value and 52wk high offset valuation. The values are subjective to our calculations and opinion and may differ from your own. If you decide to trade or buy these stocks, do so on your own risk and do your own homework. The list is not our recommendation to you.

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