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Futures trading – Waiting for a breakout

At the end or April, I entered into futures trading. Not just trading options against futures but also buying and selling futures contracts. It turned out to be a very profitable trade and I plan on trading it again. The only issue with this type of trading is that it is very capital intensive. Unlike other trading vehicles, futures need $12,960.00 fixed buying power. Selling options only need $1000 (depending on the trade setup). But futures can be very profitable thanks to the leverage.

Futures Trading profits

I used trailing stop to protect my profits since this market is very volatile. Despite volatility crashing, there can be wild swings (thanks to the FED and spooky investors who freak about it all the time without thinking – freak now, think later.

So, I got stopped out and banked a good $10,250.00 profit.

I am happy about it and now I have a huge urge to brag about it. That’s why I am posting my result, but also show what I plan on doing next. And my next move is to wait for a new breakout to buy back in and ride the sucker up again (or get stopped if it doesn’t work).

Futures Trading profits

When the futures break up above the resistance, I will be re-entering the trade and placing my stop loss order below the entry point. This time, I will also send a notification to my subscribers.


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  1. Dale Drader says:

    well done!

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