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Gerald Celente on interest rate hike a few days before the hike and recession

Gerald Celente – publisher of the Trends Journal – talking about the US economy. Gerald explains what kind of effect Fed hikes will have on currencies, markets and the global economy at large. And he gives us his take on what’s happening with oil plus much, much more as outlined in his latest Trends Journal.



Mark my words, the USA will slip into recession by the end of 2016, at 2017 at most.

2 responses to “Gerald Celente on interest rate hike a few days before the hike and recession”

  1. Agreed Jenna. It will be this year, if we aren’t already. Heck, we’ve been in an earning recession for a year already

    I watch RT sometimes also. I like that I can hear different (outside) opinions. I don’t always agree, but I like to look at several angles of a situation. Thanks for sharing the video


    • Martin says:

      Agreed, I have heard RT is a pro-Russian news media, but they usually invite people who have common sense and are warning against reckless monetary policy of our latest administration, such as Gerald Celente, Jim Rickards, Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff and others. These people are saying things many people do not want to hear and are shredding those opinions off as invalid because those predictions are/were not happening. But, the problem is that the fact that FED and its cronies are able to kick the can down the street doesn’t mean that these outcomes are not happening. They are happening under the hood without being visible today but one day FED will not be able to kick the can down the street anymore and we will be looking at another disaster. The issue and irony is that FED’s monetary policy trying to prevent bubbles is the cause of all bubbles. And I believe that FED has been cooking the biggest bubble ever and when that pops, then God be with us. It will be worse pop than the one in 2008.

      Thanks for stopping by

      – Martin

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