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Goals for 2013 review

The old year is almost over, the new one knocks on the door. It’s time to review our goals and set the new ones. The 2013 year has been a great year and very fast as well. I cannot believe it is over.

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It was a great year. I am satisfied with my achievements, although not all of them were completed fully. I am still happy for what I have done.

Debt Reduction


I wanted to be more aggressive in reducing my debt, nevertheless I am satisfied with this goal. I was able to reduce my debt by 24% this year or $7,163.44. It could be better, but considering all other liabilities I have, this is a good result.

Debt Reduction

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Options income


My goal for 2013 was to be able to generate $100 monthly income from options. I accomplished this goal and exceeded it greatly. In average I was able to generate $203.66 monthly income. I allocated $5,000 for options trading. I was able to make $2,443.88 which is a 44.91% profit for 2013 trading options; (100.52% annualized gain).


Below see a chart of my annual income from options. The red line represents the goal.

Options Chart

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Maximize ROTH Contributions in 2013


I accomplished this goal, although it was thanks to cancellation of my Lending Club account. I transferred all allowed money to ROTH and the rest to my taxable TD account. One can call this a Pyrrhic victory.

Dividend income goal


My goal was to reach at least $100 monthly income in my taxable TD account. I am short a few dollars as my income reached $85.85 a month. My ROTH IRA income jumped from around $600 a month to another $1,046.33 annual income making it a $87.19 monthly income in ROTH.

Both accounts are delivering me $2,125.57 in dividends annually ($177.13 monthly).

Dividends Income

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2013 was a successful year investing-wise and also debt reduction-wise. It wasn’t easy as I could see a lot of great opportunities in the market and due to paying off my debt I had to pass them. But the market will provide a lot more opportunities in the future.

I still will focus on building my portfolios delivering great results in dividend and options income and I will strive to be more aggressive in saving and paying off my debt.

I hope you had as successful year as mine or even better and I hope you were able to accomplish all your goals too.

Let me know about your achievements and success!

4 responses to “Goals for 2013 review”

  1. FFdividend says:

    good job with your 2013 goals. Looking forward to see your new 2014 goals.

  2. Congratulations on achieving most of your goals. What are your goals for 2014?

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