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2012The old year 2011 is coming to its end and it is a time to review the old year and make a resolution for the new year 2012.

Reviewing the old year I must admit that it was a very successful year. I finally was able to get closer to my dream – trading for a living. I am not out of the forest yet and trading for a living yet, but I am trading and that’s what makes me satisfied.

Of course, my trading is not on my own, but under a trading coaching from a professional trader. When you take a look at my trading performance, it is not perfect yet, but I can see a huge difference from previous years. I started my coaching four months ago and I was able to recover my trading balance of 2011 year and end up flat. I hope that next year I will be able to finally make money and recover my account.

My other accounts such as Lending Club also performed well. Thanks to my rules of selecting debt notes and eliminating potential bad notes. During the year I slightly modified my rules of selecting new notes by adding another filter to my original rules described in this post “Lending Club“: length of employment more than 4 years” and to my bad notes eliminating process described in my “How to avoid default notes when investing with Lending Club” I added one more rule: When the FICO score suddenly drops very low (to 500 or lower) I sell such a note even though it is still current. These rules helped me to maintain my annual return at 12.53% (an improvement from 12.47% last year, see in my post “My goal with Lending Club“) Also my goal of generating income from Lending Club improved from 15% to 43%. Although I am following all the rules when investing with Lending Club, I have only one note which may potentially get default and overall improving results.

On my ROTH IRA account I have the same results as last year. I didn’t have much time to pay attention to this account and I am following my rules. I still will be dividend investing in this account and also small portion will be used for trading to boost income which can be reinvested.

As far as this website, I am working on a new image and hopefully upload the new website soon. It will also change some stuff such as categories and the way I am reporting the new and exited trades.

I would like to wish happy new year 2012, success, love, health and good trading or investing results. Let the new year be better than the old one and all your dreams may come true. Celebrate the New Year 2012 safely and see you next year!

Happy Trading in 2012!

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  1. Dan says:

    Happy New Year to you too.

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