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HFEA November 2022 strategy report

Another month is over, and as the market keeps improving, our HFEA strategy is improving three times faster. That is the beauty of this strategy of buying leveraged ETFs. Though I am no longer following the true HFEA strategy but just buying 3x leveraged ETF (SPXL), I still call it an HFEA strategy.

Initially, I dedicated $15,000 to this strategy. That represented approx. 15% of our portfolio. When the SPXL underperforms the market and my position goes down and is below my cost basis (my position is in red), I add new shares to my portfolio. I deposit cash and buy shares. Once this bear market ends, and trust me, it will, as no bear market lasts forever, I will stop buying new shares but trim the position and save cash from selling for the next bear market. This is a standard balancing approach. Keep my position at about 15% of my main portfolio. When it moves to 20% (or more), I sell enough to bring the position back down to 15%. If it moves down to 10%, I will buy enough to bring it back to 15%, and so on.

In today’s bearish market, I am adding new cash and buying even though it hurts my short-term net-liq. However, I expect this to change soon.

November 2021 $13,441.91 $0.00 0.00%
December 2021 $14,773.72 $1,331.81 9.91%
January 2022 $12,597.96 -$2,175.76 -14.73%
February 2022 $11,665.69 -$932.27 -7.40%
March 2022 $12,483.01 $817.32 7.01%
April 2022 $8,694.65 -$3,788.36 -30.35%
May 2022 $6,923.49 -$1,771.16 -20.37%
June 2022 $12,199.81 $5,276.32 76.21%
July 2022 $15,551.55 $3,351.74 27.47%
August 2022 $13,414.80 -$2,136.75 -13.74%
September 2022 $10,454.70 -$2,960.10 -22.07%
October 2022 $16,809.60 $6,354.90 60.79%
November 2022 $18,659.90 $1,850.30 11.01%


Our HFEA strategy increased value in November 2022 by 11.01% while the entire market gained 4.60%. Overall, the HFEA portfolio is up 38.82% while the entire market is down -10.26%. I think that is a good result.

HFEA charts

HFEA net-liq 11
Strategy Net liquidation value

HFEA net-liq 11
Strategy vs SPY Net liquidation value

Strategy performance vs. SPY

September 2022 was not a good month for this strategy as the SPXL lost significant value (remember, the leveraged ETFs work both ways – they go up 3 times, but they also go down 3 times).

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