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I made $1000 in two days trading options

For the first time in my trading career I can see some success. Yesterday I made $630 and today I added another $400 gain to my account. All in two days. Of course all those trades still can turn into a loss, but I am not expecting it much. And if so and those trades start turning, I will sell them and realize those gains.

for the first time, my hard learning brings results and finally I am recovering my account. Hopefully I will be able to sustain this trend and be consistent in trading. I also understand that I will have loosing trades as well, but hopefully I will be able to have more winning trades.

Trading is frustrating however even though you are making money. I could see several trades such as Netflix, which I wanted to short (buy puts), but my didn’t get filled and now it is probably too late to enter. So I have to let it go.

Well, I am recovering my account. I am not out of the forest yet, but it is quite uplifting seeing the progress I am making.

If you want to see my current trades, go to My Holdings page. There you can see that I was able to recover my account from $3200 up to current $5,700. Also check my exited trades to see my portfolio performance (although the table contains recent trades only and not losing ones made earlier this year. But I will add them, so I will honestly show the whole trading/learning process I went through.

Happy trading!

2 responses to “I made $1000 in two days trading options”

  1. Harry says:

    Thanks for sharing investing strategies. It’s very useful for me and people.

  2. Barry says:

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  3. Joe says:


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  4. Forex Wiki says:

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  5. Johnny lara says:

    Is it that easy to make $1000 dollars in the stock market? Wow, I think I have to learn more how to invest into stocks to make some cash.

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