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I miss my spam!

This post will be a bit off topic. But it will demonstrate how crazy and retarded I became about blogging and checking comments.

I used to receive 90 – 100 spammy comments every day. All of them were captured by Akismet. But time to time a legit comment was detained and I didn’t want to miss those comments, so every day I browsed thru the spam to see if there are some legit posts.

Recently, I installed another feature eliminating spam and I now have ZERO spam! Opening my admin dashboard on my blog is now so boring! I miss my spam! Can you believe how crazy I am!?

7 responses to “I miss my spam!”

  1. Little House says:

    It’s easy to become obsessed with blog stats. I know, I used to obsess way too much. Now, I only check my spam box every couple of weeks (just to make sure no one got caught in spam) and check my stats only once a day. I really try to maximize my time on posts and content rather than traffic. ;)

    • Martin says:

      I check it about daily too :) but it was funny to me to see myself checking the spam box and seeing zero spams in there, so this came to my mind as a joke that I missed it, which I of course do not miss at all.

  2. Jake Erickson says:

    Haha nice, what did you add? I get so much spam that Akismet catches everyday, but unlike you, I don’t really enjoy it.

    • Martin says:

      Right now I just added that “Are you a SPAM” check box and it eliminated all automated spam whatsoever. That doesn’t mean those jerks won’t show up again in the future, but right now, it still is a nice good zero.

  3. Hey, do you have any way of checking if these “spammy comments” are legitimate? It scares me to use a filter that just gets rid of them. I’m like you – I go through my spam comments all the time just to make sure they’re spam!


    • Martin says:

      So far I do not have any filter besides Akismet and added SPAM checkbox. I am also looking for some plugin which would allow me to define a custom filter, similar to filters you can define in your email box and delete immediately some spam messages without a need for browsing for them. Akismet unfortunately doesn’t allow you to automaticaly delete something and keep something for moderation, you can delete all or nothing right now. But I will be solving this when some spam starts appearing again.

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