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I officially doubled my account today. TASR helped a lot.

I did it once before when I started trading options and I doubled my account from $4000 to $8000 couple of years ago (in 2011), but then I lost everything back down to $2000; $1914.70 to be exact.

That was my wakeup call and I started looking for a strategy, which would no longer be a losing game for me. I also needed to recover my losses once again. It looks like I found that strategy.

I still had losses from 2006 – 2010 years of my trading career. I had no strategy, didn’t know how to invest and I lost quite a lot of money. The first account doubling was a great achievement to me and I started celebrating what a great trader I was. Yea, only until I erased everything again.

I hope this time it is different and I keep the money I made so far and I hope I won’t do anything stupid to give them back. I will defend them as strongly as possible to keep them and make more in my quest of doubling my account every year.

I ended year 2013 with $10,072.35 account value (note, that this is my TD Ameritrade account only, it doesn’t include ROTH, 401k, or Motif Investing accounts).

Today I closed at $20,274.69 value.

Of course, the game isn’t over yet. I still have many open trades which can shake this number and I expect it to fluctuate. But I hope, it will have growing tendency as we will be getting closer to the end of the year.

The biggest help came from TASR, which was beaten up a lot recently. It lost 60% of its value and I was in that trade. I was forced to roll my trade all the way from 18 strike price down to 13. I was ready to continue rolling it lower to 12 strike, but today the company said that Google Maps co-creator and former Facebook chief technology officer Bret Taylor would join TASER’s international board of directors, lending his expertise in technology toward advancing the stun-gun’s product lineup.

The stock shot up from $13.4 to $14.28 a share. It boosted my income today by nice $880. I still have almost $2000 in this play so if my options contracts end up worthless, I will get even juicier revenue.

I am expecting some pullback tomorrow or even in a few more days, but overall, the account looks promising.

I wish you good luck and happy trading!

2 responses to “I officially doubled my account today. TASR helped a lot.”

  1. Grats on the double up. Always a monumentous milestone. Hope I reach that in 10 years lol.

    Grind On!

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