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Investing Resolution

The 2008 year is over. In spite of the crisis it was a successful year. My income increased and I have bought my own condo. This purchase prevented me from accomplishing my goals for 2008 year, such as building my emergency fund. I used most of my reserves for a down payment. In investing I changed my strategy and I believe this would help me to get better results in the new year. The market overall dropped down by 41% (Nasdaq), 34% Dow, and 38% (S&P 500). Many investors suffered huge losses, some lost everything, some made money on the other hand. The end of the year 2008 was very hectic. It was amazing watching all turbulence and bankruptcies across the entire economy.
Let’s hope the new year 2009 will be even better for all of you. I wish everybody, who suffered losses (money, job, etc), to recover quickly and start over more responsibly than many did last year.

The goal for 2009 is:

  • build my long term emergency fund and rise its balance back up to $5,000
  • learn more how to invest into stocks and options successfully and make min. 20% profit on stocks
  • learn options to make min. $100 a month income

The new year will be more about savings and increasing an income.
Happy New Year 2009 to all.

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