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Is my struggling finally over?

If you had a chance to read my “Curious history of a sucker” you know that I started investing back in 1996 and took many endeavors in losing money.

I shrank my $30,000 dollars account to $4,000 in commodities trading, I lost another circa $15,000 in stock trading. But at that time I didn’t care much. I was making a large amount of money every year and these losses were smaller compared to my income.

But one day I stopped that madness and decided to start over.

In 2006 I returned to investing and trading. But I wasn’t successful at all. For next five years I was again losing money. This time I was determined to survive it and try again and again.

I was reading all books about trading and investing I could find. I was learning about great traders like Nicolas Darvas, Jesse Livermore, William O’Neil, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and many others.

I learned a lot, but I still wasn’t successful and I still was losing money. Five years I was struggling.

Then a light at the end of the tunnel showed up. Three years ago I started investing into dividend growth stocks and trading options. I started small and slowly. I tried not to over extend my options trading but I tried to extend my dividend stock investing as much as possible.

And it looks like I finally broke through the struggle and started making money. I finally started seeing my accounts growing year after year. I started seeing my losses shrinking. And I can see my losses from 2006 all the way up to today disappearing.

I wish this wasn’t a dream or just a temporary good luck. I wish, this was a pattern towards successful investing and trading, and that I will be able to generate ever growing income consistently and forever.

I like posting my results and trades for you, my readers, to see. I want everybody to see, that it is possible to start small (with just $2000 account) and grow it big.

My portfolio

I decided to convert my investing into a real business. I will be starting a management company and going for all required licensing to be a certified advisor and money manager. I will be transferring all my available money and trading accounts to my business account and continue running my investments as a business.

I wish you a success in your investing/trading effort. If you are just starting or already investing and successful I am happy for you and encourage you to endure to the end. I testify that the end will be fruitful and it will make you rich (and not only monetary).

2 responses to “Is my struggling finally over?”

  1. Thanks for sharing your numbers, HS. Its not easy to admit that you`ve lost so much money and you`ve been struggling. Looks like you are finally on a good run now. Keep it up.



    • Martin says:

      R2R, yes I know, it is not easy. It is admitting that I was a failure. Hope I already changed it and I will no longer be a failure. Thanks for your visit!

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