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Is the US heading to another recession?

It looks like some analysts and investors are slowly turning bearish on the market. Is this the end of our spectacular and long bull trend?

We haven’t experienced too many corrections or significant correction lately and it looks like the market had a spectacular and uninterrupted run up.

Take a look at SPY 5 year chart:

SPY 5 year trend

With a small drop in November – December 2012, the market had uninterrupted run up with only a few dips.

Is this trend going to halt and reverse? And if so, what are you going to do to protect your positions? Or are you just going to ride it down and buy more shares?

2 responses to “Is the US heading to another recession?”

  1. Scott says:

    Are you adjusting your put selling strategy at all with this sentiment? Maybe selling only 30-45 DTE puts or selling more OTM and going for less profit?

    • Martin says:

      Yes, I am raising cash (to stay close to 30% cash) and trying to sell deeper OTM puts. I am however fully invested, so if it strikes now I will be screwed. So I will be slowly unwinding the rest of the year.

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