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Is there an investment for volatile market?

Many times investors look for protection and search for “anchor” investments to protect or stabilize their portfolios. During the unstable and volatile market investing in precious metals or natural resources such as natural gas may provide such stability. However, for a new investor it may be difficult to invest properly and some guidance may be needed.

Gordon Brent Pierce is a leader in business development, strategy and investing who may provide required background and help in decision making, research on natural gas and silver outlook and potential investment opportunities.

GordonBrent Pierce presents that the U.S. has a great potential rapid increase of natural gas demand/supply, which may potentially lead to increase of jobs, preserve environment, and also create a great investment opportunity.

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2 responses to “Is there an investment for volatile market?”

  1. Melani says:

    Great blog!

  2. Amina Te says:

    Hi! Interesting post – thought-provoking. I was wanting to ask you if you’ve thought about including gold or silver to your investment portfolio?

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