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Kinder Morgan (KMI) increases its dividend

KMICurrently, this cutie (KMI) is paying 1.8 bucks per share annually. That translates it into nice income of 4.30% on invested dollar. Where else can you get such nice interest? No bank would pay you this. Not even bonds (they actually pay a negative interest). So unless you start your own consumer credit loans business where you will be legally allowed charging a usury interest of 20% or more you won’t get any better return on investment anywhere else.

KMI announced today after close that it is increasing its quarterly dividend to 48 cents a share, up from 45 cents in the fourth quarter of last year. The company plans to pay a full year dividend of $2 a share! And they are on track to meet this goal so far. Basically KMI plans increasing dividend by 50 cents every quarter.

The stock slipped about 1% in afterhours trading as the company announced revenue and earnings for the first quarter that were a bit light of analyst expectations. The stock closed Wednesday at $43.43. (Source Barron’s)

What can I say to this?

Yes baby, go down on all those anal-yst expectations so I can buy more!

Currently, I own 98 shares of KMI in my dividend growth portfolio and I am definitely LONG on this stock.


2 responses to “Kinder Morgan (KMI) increases its dividend”

  1. Scott says:

    I love this dividend increase as well. It was the second increase this year already with the most recent increase raising my annual dividends by $20.39. It is great when a company has so much internal ownership. You know that they will then work extra hard because their own fortune is tied to the company’s performance.

    • Martin says:

      I love this increase too. Agree on the ownership. It’s nice to have some companies with good management. You will know that those stocks are safe even if the price drops due to craziness at the market.

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