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King is dead! God save the King!

Pre-election rally which has started last Tuesday brought impressive gains today:

+305.45 +3.28% 9,625.28
+53.79 +3.12% 1,780.12
+39.45 +4.08% 1,005.75

However some leading stocks declined today (AFAM is among those stocks) and this makes this rally a bit weak. Will it survive or is it just another attempt to fail?

Tomorrow we may expect weak open and weak trading, however this post-election period will be crucial. The economy is still showing bad data and bad news. Will the market respond to the bad news or are we really consolidating?

Tip: Save your money, do not invest into any new positions, build a watch list and wait for the market to tell when it is the best time to start buying stocks. This beginning rally still may fail.

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