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LEH in bankruptcy…

So here we are. The 158 years old company is filling for bankruptcy (Yahoo! news, Associated Press). The next morning in the stock market and probably the entire week will be very shaky so we can expect some stormy trading. Monday trading may be very deep sell off. However I agree with this even though all investors may be loosing a big chunk of money now. These companies like Lehman Brothers (LEH), Freddie Mac (FRE), Fannie May (FNM), and maybe many other irresponsible firms deserve the bankruptcy. These companies were handling with money of tax payers, directly or indirectly and were risking too much. Now it is time to pay the due fee for the irresponsibility, even though this will have a negative impact to all of us. We will survive it. Maybe it is time to rise the cash.

There is one great thing on capitalism. It has the ability to clean itself from bad businesses unlike socialistic systems. It hurts, it may be drastic cleaning with a high fever like a human body when trying to get rid of a sickness or a disease. At the end fever will be over and the new rally will rise up and economy start growing even more.

Until then, dear Suckers, buckle your belts, the roller coaster in the stock market is on its way.

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