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Market monitor – Sectors & Industries

Markets broke up heavily this week and DJIA is back above the 9000 level. Will this trend survive? Let’s see, it depends on the news we may see this week, economics data, earnings and sunny days outside…

Last 30 days [tag]performance[/tag] (top 5):

Basic Materials +14.16%  
Technology +11.18%  
Consumer Goods +9.43%  
Industrials +9.41%  
Health Care +8.81%  

(Data retrieved from [tag]financial[/tag] websites such as [tag]MarketWatch[/tag], [tag]MSN Money[/tag], [tag]Yahoo Finance[/tag], and others)

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2 responses to “Market monitor – Sectors & Industries”

  1. Roman says:

    Why you stopped publishing Market sector info? It was useful!


    Nice info on market sectors!

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