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Markets up then down again and probably up again tomorrow

S&P 500  2,613.16 +8.69 (+0.33%)  Dow 30  23,979.10 +46.34 (+0.19%)  Nasdaq  6,950.34 +35.23 (+0.51%)

Sell BuyWe had an interesting trading day today. The markets eased up a bit after last week correction and renewed selling. The market rallied on no news but then, FBI raided Trump’s lawyer’s office and all ended again. All today’s gains were removed.



We had a pretty news-less day and yet the markets lost steam by the end of the trading session. Pretty pathetic… I tried to find why and what and couldn’t find anything but this:

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wall Street’s major indexes rose on Monday as a softer stance by U.S. policymakers on China tariffs powered a rebound from last week’s selloff, but stocks pared much of their gains late in the session after a report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the office of President Donald Trump’s lawyer.”

But, this is a pretty lame excuse for selling, so I am not concerned.


 · Trading activity today


A summary of opening and closing trades.
(premiums received / paid: + $755.00)

Note: This is a cash flow of credits, not profits!

End of the trading session was a bit disappointing as the new puts I opened this morning basically ended in the money when the last hour selloff began. So, I rolled the puts into the next expiration (2 DTE) and same strikes. If we see a renewed selloff tomorrow I may convert them into calls and hopefully close them for a profit. The Friday’s puts (rolled to today’s expiration) expired worthless today. I also opened a few new call spreads, collected nice credit, and these closed for 0.05 debit before the end of the trading session.



 · Dividend stocks to buy


Out of our watch list of 37 dividend stocks the following ones are a good buy at today’s prices (04/05/2018):


Disclaimer: The list above is based on calculated fair value and 52wk high offset valuation. The values are subjective to our calculations and opinion and may differ from your own. If you decide to trade or buy these stocks, do so on your own risk and do your own homework. The list is not our recommendation to you.


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