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Medifast Inc. (MED) position added

Yesterday I moved my stop loss orders for FUQI (FUQI) and Visa (V) higher so my total capital exposure of the portfolio decreased to -2.34% and I was allowed to open another new position.
I was thinking whether to add a position to existing FUQI holdings or buy a new one. I performed a research and it seems that FUQI may grow to $30 – $35 level and that maybe the end of its growth. I was not able to evaluate this information on my own and decided to play safer game and instead of adding to an existing holding I decided to buy new stock – Medifast Inc. (MED). It is a small cap company producing weight and health diet products which will play more and more significant role in our lives. It was on my screener list for some time still showing momentum.

Today I have bought some shares of this stock:

09/09/2009   09:54:15   Bought  6  MED  @  18.338

At the price of $18.34 per share I could buy only 6 shares which represents 3% potential loss of the portfolio if the trade turns against me. I set the stop loss at $13.82 which is 24.65% potential loss on this trade and max trade risk exposure will be $28.91

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