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Merry Christmas

I thank you all my readers for visiting my blog, reading, and commenting. I hope you were able to get a few trade ideas on my blog during the last year. I mostly had many interesting trades, although I also had a few losing trades this year, too.

Last year we were able to make 154.43% profit. This year was tricky and many violent moves in the market created some severe losses. Until September 2014 our portfolio was up 113.47%, but later we gave those profits back. We will be closing 2014 year up only 15%. It is not a bad result, but it could be a lot better. I had bigger expectations.

But that’s a part of this job. If you want to trade in the market, you must be ready to learn and be ready for losing trades too. They will happen, but the goal is to have more winning trades than losing trades, trade carefully, and do not over extend your account.

I definitely learned my lessons this year and I hope that the next year will be even better and prosperous than the old one.

In the meantime I wish you a Merry Christmas!

1 response to “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

  1. DivHut says:

    Have a great holiday season. Look forward to a stronger 2015 finish. Though 15% is not a bad mark by any measure. Thanks for inspiring/educating about your options trades.

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