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My 5-year Plan to Freedom Update

At first I didn’t want to post the entire plan to my freedom because I was afraid. The numbers in the plan look so ridiculous that I was afraid that after posting the whole plan it would be ridiculed. So I decided to post it only a year by year. I would post a year 1, then two years, three years, and so forth.

But I also take this plan as a challenge. I am aware that the numbers in the plan look unrealistic and maybe they are. But if they are not, I want to see for myself whether they are achievable or not. And if they are achievable, I wanted to have a record of this plan from day one. I wanted to show to all people who follow my blog and my trading that this is what I said in 2019 and this is what I have achieved in 2024. And posting my plan in 2024 could be seen as cheating. Like I have posted this only when I was sure I could meet the plan but avoid posting it if I fail. This doesn’t go with my strive to be transparent.

Therefore, I am posting here the full plan to freedom I set in April.

5-year Plan

Lately, I was playing with the numbers how to adjust the plan to achieve the goal faster. The reason for that was some personal life issues which made me to think that I need to achieve the freedom earlier than as planned above. I will post about the reasons later, not now.

I am still aware of all the risks. I am aware of possibilities of losing trades which would delay the plan. But I have a plan and trade management in place and thus I am aware of potential risks.

To speed up my path to freedom, I decided to further consolidate my accounts and liquidate my Motif account and transfer the funds to my trading account. This would bring in additional $2,600 dollars to this account.

I also decided to raise my traded contract from current 50% to 70% of available buying power. With these adjustments, the new plan would look like this (and it would also shorten the entire time to freedom by one entire year – given, there will be no stupid loses…):

5-year Plan

Here is a link to my live 5 year plan spreadsheet.

I have tools, I have determination, and I have a money management to achieve the goal. All I need is a discipline to follow the rules and mitigate potential losses to minimum. If so, I should be able to achieve this goal. Let’s see…

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2 responses to “My 5-year Plan to Freedom Update”

  1. D'Mo says:

    Hey, Just found your website. Lot’s of good info.

    Just wondering how you are doing with your 5 year plan now that you are 3 years in??

    Very curious.

    • Martin says:

      The original strategy that was to take me to the goal didn\’t work, so after a year, I had to restart. I changed the strategy and trading a different strategy. So, instead of a year three, I am on a year two. According to the original plan, in year two, September, I was supposed to have a $67k portfolio value and making about $8k monthly premiums.

      Today, I am in year two, September, and having $82k net liq and averaging $4k monthly premiums. So, on track so far.

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