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My blogging break

Recently I stopped posting my trades on this blog. The reason was that I had very little time doing it and the second reason was that my trade results were not as I would wish and I slowed down in trading. At the end of the last year I was quite successful in trading and lately, thinking what a great trader I was I overdone trading and lost all my profit, so at this point I am again where I was last year.

To me it means going back to basics and trade with limited risk at a time. For me it is hard to say, since I wish to be fully invested if possible. I want all my money work for me and not sitting idle in the account. But maybe some cash reserve is needed to protect my holdings. A few months ago I overextended my trading so much that margin calls almost ruined my account. At this point I am going slow down in trading as well as working on my trading plan and start posting here more when I achieve some consistency in my trading.

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