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My inspiration in last week #15

After a week or two of being out of blogging I am back on my regular schedule. This week I would like to present the following interesting web sites and links.

I often browse the internet to find ideas about investing, trading stocks, options, investing opportunities and strategies. I like to read about investors and what their investing/trading approach to create income you can live on is.


This week I found the following interesting posts:

Do you have an interesting article or post on your blog which you would like to post on this blog? Send me your idea or article or just a link for repost.


8 responses to “My inspiration in last week #15”

  1. […] Hello Suckers: Thanks for mentioning me in your post My inspiration in last week #15! […]

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  3. Martin says:

    Marvin, that’s funny. I remember my friend’s son, when he was little, around three y.o. hunting eggs. He was putting eggs into the basket, but also he tilted the basket losing eggs already in it and then totally excited finding them again completely ignorant that he already found them before. We had a good laugh.

  4. My daughter went on her first Easter Egg hunt, I loved seeing her realize that the eggs had candy in them.

  5. Thanks for the mention Martin, hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday!

  6. Thanks for the mention Martin!

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